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An unofficial port of Celeste Classic from PICO-8 to Playdate.

How to play

Download the game and sideload it to your Playdate device. (You can refer to the official Sideloading Playdate games documentation.)

If you don’t own a Playdate, you can play in the Playdate Simulator on Windows, macOS or Linux. Download and install the Playdate SDK. Place the .pdx file in the PlaydateSDK/Disk/Games/ folder. (The .pdx available for download has been compiled on macOS. If you play on another system, you’ll need to recompile the game. The source code is available on GitHub.)


Celeste Classic on Playdate was made to be as faithful as possible to the original game on PICO-8. But here are a few notable changes:

  • The game is in black and white only. A lot of visual elements have an outline to make them more readable. But this does not impact their original hitbox.

  • The game is rendered at 256×240 from the original 128×128. Four pixel lines are cropped at the top and bottom of the screen. The game can be played at its original resolution by disabling the Fullscreen option available in the game’s menu.

  • Assist mode is available under the game’s menu. This allows players to skip a level, change the game speed to 0.5×, get infinite dashes, and enable invincibility. If assist mode is used during a run, a mention is added on each level in the lower right corner, as well as in the pause screen and the final score screen.


Celeste Classic is an original game on PICO-8 by Noel Berry and Maddy Thorson.

PICO-8 and the PICO-8 font are the property of Lexaloffle Games.

Playdate is a registered trademark of Panic.

The Playdate port was done by Rémi Parmentier.

Thanks to Alex Larioza for help and tips on performance optimizations. And thanks to the wonderful people on Discord (orkn, Grhmhome, Drew-Lo, Gamma, Kiwi, Tristianski, jeffamphetamines, PizzaDev, Kucromy, GuvBubbs, NickSr, Andrew, DoctorMikeReddy, natch, rasith, Braillynn, fnc12) for their feedback.


This project is under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. While it is unclear what license the original Celeste Classic is under, this is the license used by further EXOK projects like Oldeste or Celeste 2.


This game is available for free here on itch and on GitHub in respect with the original license. You can choose to make a donation. If you want to support me and my work, please consider making a donation here or on my other titles available on Playdate : 

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Tags1-bit, celeste, Open Source, Playdate
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_ShareAlike v4.0 International
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AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast
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this is awesome!

What is this, a grand adventure about climbing a mountain and finding your true identity for ants?

Jokes aside this is an incredible remake. Kudos!!


I can't get past the first screen lmao. Killer job porting tho

Un grand merci 👌


This is so cool


So much fun. Made my way up the mountain in one sitting and loved the gameplay loop of theorizing a path and testing it instantly. 

Very thankful the for near instantaneous respawns and the magic you created in the physics/movement on the Playdate. Easily the best feeling platformer I have played yet. 

Just to be clear: this is a port of the original  Celeste game by Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry. I’m only responsible for bringing this to Playdate (making both the technical and graphical adjustments required to make it work).


Excellent work, another game to play during call shifts :)

Awesome!!!  I loved playing it on Playdate.

This is awesome!

No way.

Wow, what an effort!! Well done can't wait to see you next project!! Well done!!